Friday, August 28, 2009

Costa Rican Coffee & PR's!

Yesterday was a GOOD Day!! The day started off w/ one of my favorite benchmark WOD's at 6am: "Nancy". This WOD is 15 OH Squats at 65lb and 400 meter runs - 5 rounds for time. I finished in 14'52" which is a full 4 minutes faster than my previous PR! Pic to the left is of one of my squats . . . not quite at the bottom of my range. I do see that I'm coming off my heels a little though, so I need to work on that next time!

Then, on the drive home from CC Crossfit, I saw this amazing sunrise. Talk about a perfect start to a day! I LOVE South Texas :)

Got home from my workout, and made some YUMMY Scrambled eggs (using 1 whole egg + 4 whites). Cut up some peppers and onions from Wednesday nights stir fry into my eggs, and they turned out AWESOME! AND a friend brought me some Costa Rican Coffee earlier in the week that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING . . This stuff is like liquid velvet in my mouth, I swear - it's to die for!

Then had a really productive day at work - got a ton done. . .and then buckled down w/ the schoolwork. All in all, a very, very good day :)

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