Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stress is at Max Levels!

Okay, so today started off with me making the most bone-headed move EVER! I mean this was like Epic bonehead stuff that you only see in the movies . . .

I decided to get up early and knock out my grocery shopping before getting into my schoolwork for the day b/c the grocery store is typically really empty on Sunday mornings. I jump in my car, open the garage door, throw it in reverse, and hit the gas. . . .went about 2 feet before I was suddenly jolted to a stop with a loud "CRUNCHing" sound . . . . NOT GOOD!!!

I look in the rear view mirror to see my hubby's pretty new Tahoe sitting outside in the driveway w/ my rear fender imbedded into it's front fender . . . CRAP!!! Since when does he park in the driveway?!?!?! He ALWAYS parks his "baby" in the garage!! Guess I should have noticed it wasn't there when I had gotten into my car a few minutes earlier . . .

Then comes Jamie running out the door and he just went white. . so I knew it wasn't pretty :(

Leave it to me to go and wreck two of my own cars at the same time.

So yep, we're going to have to get them both fixed. . . . and pay two SEPERATE deductibles . . . YAY ME!!!

Pics of the damage:

So I go grocery shopping, come home, sit down to schoolwork, and am working on my assignments, when I notice the end date for my Master's level class is 8/24/09 - that's TOMORROW!!!!! CRAP!!!! I thought it ran until the end of the month - 8/31/09. So now I've got less than 48 hours to turn in all of the rest of the assignements. . . . I forsee two all-nighters in my future
So just for the heck of it, I check on the other class, which I was nearly positive ended 8/31. . . NOPE . . that bad boy ends on 8/26/09. . . I'm SO SCREWED!!
But I will remain positive - going to buckle down and knock out as much as I possibly can. I have requested extensions, but there is absolutely no guarantee that I can get them . . . wish me luck!
For obvious reasons, I'll likely be MIA from the blog until 8/27 once I've turned in all of my work for these two classes. .

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