Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another good day :)

Today's been pretty good so far!

Made it to WOD w/ the 5am-ers at CC Crossfit - had a bit of a different WOD today.

I had the chance to work on my Hand Stand Pushups :) I did them upside down under the pullup machine w/ the green band as assistance. Got 24 in Four minutes. I wanted that 25th one sooo bad, but my shoulders just gave out on me!

Pretty uneventful day at work - which equals a good day!

Got off a little late, hit the community center about 5:15pm for my lift.

OMG - you should have SEEN the looks on the guys faces when Lil' Ol Me started doing snatches and split jerks in the middle of the floor! It was absolutely priceless!

Today I had 66 lb snatches, 88 lb C&J, and 100 lb RDL's programmed - I feel like it went pretty well.

The snatches felt light, but gave me a chance to really focus on technique, and NOT LOOKING UP!

Cleans were so-so. I did 90lb b/c it was the closest I could get to 88. It didn't feel heavy, but I had a little trouble w/ rounding my back on the last few reps.

RDL's felt a little light, but again, gave me a chance to really work on full ROM and good form. My rear's already twitching a little, so I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling them tomorrow!

Okay, off to schoolwork - I have an Economics paper due tonight. . yuck!

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