Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DAY 1 of Coach Wilkes' Oly Lifting Program!!!

Okay, so I have been MIA for about a week due to insane amounts of stress and school. . . but I HAVE been sticking to my Paleo ways (well. . . for the most part anyway!), and I've been squeezing in as many CF workouts as possible between school and work.

I spent the ENTIRE Labor Day weekend doing schoolwork - literally from the minute I woke to the time I went to bed - Fri night, Sat, Sun, and Monday. . . .BUT I knocked out a hell of a lot of work!

I found out early last week that I wouldn't be able to Oly lift in the mornings anymore at CC Crossfit, so I had to make some other arrangements. . . cause hell if I'm gonna quit lifting!

Starting today, I'm CF'ing in the morning, and then in the evenings I'm Oly lifting up at the Community Center. It's not the ideal setup - they don't have rubber bumpers, and it's pretty packed in the evenings, but they do have bars and iron plates, and technically that's all I need to get by :)

So my (revised) schedule this month is:
Up at 4am for 5am CrossFit
Work from 6:45am to 4pm
Lift from 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Community Center
Schoolwork from 6pm to 10pm

I will be SOOO happy when this month is over, and I can take the schoolwork out of the equation!

So anyway, like I was saying - today was my first day of following Coach Wilkes' Olympic Lifting Programing - and I really liked it! It feels SOOOO good to be lifting again after nearly 2 weeks off! I REALLY missed it!

The squats felt pretty light, but by the end were starting to get heavy. I really concentrated on keeping good form- and got down loooowwww on every rep :)

The OH presses were another story altogether!! I was supposed to press 65 lbs but couldn't manage more than 60, and could only get 3 reps at that weight. I ended up dropping the weight by 10 lbs to 55 and doing the appropriate # of reps and sets. I have full confidence that my pressing stregnth will increase, and I'll bet that I'll be pressing 65 w/in a month!

Then were the planks. . . the new dirty word in my vocabulary! I swear it will be a miracle if I can sit up tomorrow morning! They hurt SO GOOD!

Well, that's my update for the day :) Back to the schoolwork. . . .

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