Friday, September 11, 2009

SORE AS HELL!!! (And Loving It!)

Okay, so olympic lifting has been going really well this week.

Last night I had more Snatches (65 lb) and C&J's (90 lbs) and I swear they felt twice as heavy as they did the day before!

WOD yesterday morning was 12 Pullups, 12 Burpees - 10 RFT. I did Ring Pullups b/c my hands were so shredded, and I think this may be one of the reasons I was sooo sore for lifting last night and the weight felt heavier than normal.

Still made it through all rounds though! Just took plenty of rest in between reps, and powered through.

By 9pm last night, every single muscle in my entire body from my toes to my hair follicles was on fire! I hate being so sore, but love it at the same time b/c it's not an injury sore - just a soreness that reminds you that you're busting your ass in the gym :)

Didn't go to CF this morning b/c I already did my three in a row Tu, Wed, Thu, plus I needed the extra sleep!

Tonight will be a hellof a lot of squats and core. . . .so I'm looking at the bright side - at least no upper body! lol

Diet has stayed Paleo - hard boiled some eggs earlier in the week, and have been LOVING them on my salads :)

Getting ready to hunker down for another weekend full of schoolwork as well.

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