Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Potato Frittata Recipe + Update

Okay, I haven't checked in for a while b/c I've been CRAZY BUSY between school, work, and lifting, but I'm going to try to be a little more regular w/ my updates going forward.

A quick update - My diet has NOT been going so well :( It's not that I have been eating total crap all of the time, but it has definitely not been Paleo, and there has been a good amount of crap thrown in there. . .

Back on the wagon yesterday though, and so far so good :)

It never ceases to amaze me what a HUGE difference my diet has on my performance. Perfect example - I did the "Nancy" WOD about a month and a half ago, and PR'd it at 14'50". Did it this morning, and it nearly killed me, and my time was 21'42". That is seriously just sad. Granted, I was sick all weekend but still, I have to contribute the majority of the excess time to my crappy diet.

It was nice to have a little "reminder" like that this morning - even though I had already committed myself to cleaning up my diet again ASAP, and have already prepped all of my food for the week - that extra little reminder will help to keep me on track and remind me just why I'm following Paleo Guidelines.

As for my workouts - I've gotten 95% of my lifting workouts in, but have only been making it to about 3 CF sessions a week b/c of school/work schedules. I will be SO happy when I'm finally done with school!! Only a few weeks left :) My Oly lifts have been getting better, but my CF performance has gone down significantly due to my crappy diet. I can only imagine how much my Oly lifts would have improved had I stayed strict w/ my diet over the last month! That's okay though - the past is the past, and all I can do is concentrate on the future.

For the next week or so, I'll be updating my blog with what I'm eating in an attempt to keep myself a little more accountable.

Mini Sweet Potato Frittata Recipe:

I created the BEST recipe this weekend that is PERFECT for me for pre-work out :) I call them "Mini Sweet Potato Frittatas". I sauteed onions, red peppers, yellow peppers, spinach, and tomatoes in some olive oil, and cubed some sweet potatoes and cooked them in a skillet until they were soft and mushy. I combined all the veggies and the sweet potatoes, added a little salt and pepper, and then spooned equal amounts into 14 muffin pans. Then, I beat 3 eggs + 8 egg whites really well, and then poured the eggs over the veggie mixture in the muffin pans. Then, I baked them at 375 for about 15 minutes, and that was it :) I froze about half of them, and the other half is in the fridge. 2 of the little mini-frittatas makes a perfect pre-workout snack for me :)

And in case anyone is wondering what's in my homemade oatmeal pancakes:
Old Fashioned Oats, Egg Whites, Protein Powder, Apple Sauce, Banana, Cinnamon

I'll be phasing these out over the next day or so b/c I want to try to go strict Paleo without the oatmeal. If I have a problem w/ energy loss again though, I'll add my oatmeal back in.

Okay, so far, here's what I've eaten today:

4:30am - 2 mini-frittatas (pre-workout)
6:30am - 3 oz sweet potato + 1/4 scoop lean dessert protein powder + 2 walnuts (post-workout)
7:45am - 1 homemade "oatmeal pancake" + 1 T Natural Almond Butter (breakfast)
11:00am - 4 oz lean steak grilled + salad w/ spinach, 1 hb egg, avocado, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and balsamic vinegar
3:00pm - 3 oz chicken breast + 1/2 plumcott + 5 brussel sprouts w/ evoo
7:00pm - 4 oz tilapia + 2 cups broccoli + slivered almonds + evoo

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