Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gotta love PRs!!!

It's been a little bit since I've posted an update, but things are going REALLY well!

I've stuck with the Paleo Diet 100% - for 12 days now - not a single bite of anything non-paleo. The next step for me is going to be to cut out the little things like Stevia in my coffee. I am also planning to try to reduce my carb intake a little by reducing the amount of fruit that I'm eating. I "binged" a little on Saturday by eating waaayyy too much Almond Butter. . and then did it again on Sunday with waaayyy to much Pineapple. . .but at least I stayed paleo! :)

I'll be trying to log in each evening and just list what I ate that day in order to keep myself accountable, and also to provide the information for anyone that may be curious about the Paleo Diet and what kind of foods it allows.

I'm taking this week to determine my current Max lifts:
Mon - Snatches
Tue - Clean & Jerks
Wed - Back Squats / OH Press
Thur - Front Squats / Deadlifts

I maxed outmy snatches at 39.5K / 87 lbs on Monday. This is equal to my previous PR so I was a little dissapointed initially, but then I really thought about it. The last time that I got this weight, it was extremely difficult, and I barely got it by the skin of my teeth, and couldn't have repeated it if you'd offered me all the money in the world. This time, the weight honestly just went right up on the first attempt - it wasn't that bad, and I felt like I could have repeated it 10 times if asked to. I just couldn't manage to get the next weight, but I think it was more a mental block than anything, and feel confident that I'll get it next time I max out my snatches. The other difference that I noticed was this: It used to be that standing up from the catch at the bottom of the snatch was the part of the move that held me back. My squat was just so weak that I had a very hard time standing up, and would often fail in the bottom position. This time around, the standing up was EASY!! I mean, literally easy as pie. It felt like nothing to stand up with that from the bottom range of my squat, so I know that my OH squat has improved drastically over the last month :)

As for Clean & Jerk - I blew my last PR out of the water last night!!! My previous C&J PR was 95 lbs, and I'd cleaned 99 lbs a few times without the Jerk. Last night, I maxed out at 109 lbs!! That is a FULL 14 LB INCREASE! To say that I was ecstatic would be an understatement! I'll be honest, it was ugly as hell, and I barely got it, and couldn't have repeated for the life of me - but I got it! I am a very happy girl b/c this proves that Coach Wilkes programing is working very well for me - I don't expect these kinds of increases every month - but boy was I happy with the first month's results!

Okay, back to food - I mentioned earlier that I'm going to try to significantly reduce the amount of fruit / carbs that I'm eating. Because of this, I'm increasing my fat intake so that my energy levels (hopefully!) won't be affected too much.

I found some AWESOME Nitrate Free, No Sugar, All Natural Bacon at HEB, so this morning I made a yummy breakfast of egg whites, spinach, portobella mushrooms, and bacon - I mean food porn at it's finest! Didn't miss my fruit one little bit :)

One other note regarding food - I have found that I am VERY carb sensitive. Also, I have great willpower, but once I have a bite of a high GI carb, I spend the next 3 hours fighting off the sugar cravings - which is the other reason that I'm reducing my fruit.
I picked up a few Larabars this weekend at HEB, and those suckers didn't stand a chance! I officially can NOT have those things in the house any more! They may be Paleo, but they are definitely not the best choice for me because they do nothing but wake up my sugar craving demons big time!

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