Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy, happy, happy, happy Girl!!!!


My Bumper plates, dumbells, 1 pood kettlebell, 1K and 0.5K plates, and gym chalk just arrived!!! I feel even more giddy than a kid at Christmas! :)

According to tracking, my Oly bar should be here tonight as well - OH I AM SO HAPPY!!!

Quick update - I'm still staying 100% Paleo - no cheats, and not even any oatmeal! I am a little bit low on energy, but I'm going to give it 2 weeks to see if I adjust before I decide to add back in the oatmeal.

I had an AWESOME lift at the Community Center last night (Wednedsay)! Something just "clicked" with my snatches, and the bar was flying up over my head with next to no effort! What a GREAT feeling :) I'm on cloud 9 right now!

Gonna head to Tractor Supply tonight to pick up some Stall Matts, and then I will be all set!

Yay for no more metal plates!! It sucks when I have to bail from a snatch and throw the bar at the community center b/c the plates are so loud the whole gym stares and half the guys run over to see if I'm okay - embarassing as hell! Now I'll have bumpers, and I can bail any time I need to . . . yipee :)

UPDATE 5PM - THE BAR IS HERE!! :) WHOOPEE! Time to go get my first backyard lift in!

UPDATE 7:30PM - Stall Matts are Down! Tomorrow's Lift is gonna be AWESOME :)

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