Monday, October 05, 2009

Making Progress :)

Had another really good day today, but running a little low on energy.

Started the day w/ 5am CrossFit - 100 Burpees for time - 7'21". My best time was 7'06" so I'm still off a bit, but not by too much.

After work, I got my lifting in at the community center. Squats are getting easier by the week. My shoulder presses still need a ton of work :( And I swear the Planks get me EVERY TIME! But I am getting better at the planks and can hold them a lot longer than I could the first week.

Had an awesome lunch today of grilled chicken, avocado, and salsa served w/ steamed broccoli and slivered almonds :) It's amazing how much jucier and more flavorful the all natural organic chicken is than the frozen stuff I'm used to!
For Dinner, I made an awesome Red Snapper recipe courtesy of Rachel Ray. I'm too tired to type the whole thing out right now, but it was a-freaking-mazing! And totally Paleo :) I cooked up some spicy collard greens to go along w/ the fish, and it was a very satisfying dinner.
Studying is done for the night, and I'm off to hit the sack.

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