Saturday, October 24, 2009

A weekend full of Schoolwork . . Again

Okay, I am soooo close to finishing my degree, but am so far past the point of burnt out, it's not even funny. I know that I can probably wrap up all of my remaining assignments this weekend if I just buckle down and DO them, but every time I start to do research or write a paper, my mind wanders off to Weightlifting stuff, or CrossFit stuff, or I start thinking about creative paleo recipes that I could try, or I start daydreaming about my upcoming vacation. . . It's like my brain is hell bent against my finishing.

I am so tired though, and the classwork is just hanging over my head like a cloud and making everything else less enjoyable. I know that if I just knock it out, I'll be able to get on with enjoying all the other stuff in my life. . . so why won't my brain cooperate???

So I have made myself (and my husband) this promise - I will not log into facebook, blogspot, yahoo or ebay. . and will not do one single CrossFit workout or Oly Lifting session until I have completed the rest of my coursework. If you know me personally, then you know that I will go absolutely mental if I am forced to go more than 2-3 days w/o my workout "fix". . . so I absolutely MUST just suck it up and finish the course work.

Wish me luck (Lord know's I'll need it!!!). . and hopefully I'll be back posting an update that I'm finished by Monday!

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