Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting Stronger :)

I know I've been MIA from the blog since vacation . . . but I'm going to try to be more faithful w/ posting going forward.

Lot's of exciting things going on, but I'm crunched on time, so here's the Cliffnotes:
  • Started back on Wilkes programming a few weeks after returning from vacation. Been back in the "routine" for 2 full weeks.

  • Maxed my FS and BS today, and both have increased 15 lbs since mid-October . . .Coach Wilkes' programming is working it's magic! What a great way to finish out 2009 :)

  • I'm helping to organize the Paleo Challenge sponsored by Portland's CrossFit XLR8. The challenge will run from Jan 4th - Feb 21st, and I'm SUPER excited about it! My diet has definitely been far from ideal since Nov 15th when I left for vacation, and this is going to help me get back on track, and hopefully take my performance and strength gains to the next level as well!

  • I registered last week as a competitor for the Southern Region CF Sectionals to take place March 13th - 14th in Austin, TX. I have lots of prep to do to get ready, but I'm excited about the opportunity to compete! If I place in the top 30 women at sectionals, I'll go on to compete in Regionals in Dallas in May.

That's it for now. . Happy New Year everyone!

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