Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Momma Always Said . . . .

"Don't Run in the House"!!!!

Coach Wilkes was kind enough to remind me of this after hearing about the great "Toe Incident of 2010" in which I managed to ram my foot into the couch leg at "mach 5" when running to let the dogs in. . . . resulting in a broken 5th digit . . pretty, right??? lol

So my training plans have been sidetracked slightly, but I'm trying to make the best out of the situation by using the next several weeks to work my upper body and core, both of which are in desperate need of improvement!

I was supposed to max all of my lifts next week after a light week this week, but that just isn't going to happen . . . will post-pone my max efforts until my foot is healed up - hopefully by the 3rd week in February.

Today, I decided to work on some L-sits, Handstand holds, and Ring Dips - what a humbling and horrifying experience! I was mortified to realize how much I have been neglecting my core work. . . my L-sits were embarassing at best. Handstand holds were okay. . . and Ring Dips were non-existant w/o the help of a band.

Game plan to improve? I brought home some parallettes. I'll be working on L-sit progressions nightly - about 15 minutes per night. Starting with legs bent in, then one leg out at a time, and finally a full L-sit (Thanks Greg for this progression suggestion!!). I hope to be able hold a full L-sit on parallettes for 20 seconds by the end of February.

As for ring dips, the problem is clearly in the strength of my triceps (or lack thereof). I'm going to take Lance's suggestion and do 50 triangle pushups nightly in order to abuse the hell out of my triceps and hopefully increase my strength. I'll continue to work on Ring Dips once a week and monitor my improvement. I hope to be able to do RX ring dips by the end of February as well.

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 2010 Progress Video

Video of January Lifts
Tuesday 1/19 Snatches & Deadlifts
Thursday 1/21 Squats