Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Snatch PR - 100 lbs!

I was VERY excited to get back to some Oly lifting yesterday afternoon . . .

Since ramming my foot into the couch, I had been unable to perform the Oly lifts for about a week and a half and I was going stir crazy!

I'd been gradually increasing my use of the foot, and while I still wasn't able to get a shoe on it, I felt comfortable going through the motions with a few light barefoot snatches, being careful to keep my weight on my heels for the most part.

The funny thing was that they snatches felt soooo good that I just kept taking the weight up. Before I knew it, I was at 95 lbs (my previous PR), and it flew up like it was weightless - what a great feeling :)

So I said "what the hell?" and went for a PR of 100 lbs. A little background on this - I've been chasing a "Triple Digit Snatch" for what felt like FOREVER!!! I know that 100 lbs isn't that heavy in the big scheme of things but this stupid weight had formed a huge mental block in my mind and seemed insurmountable to me for the longest time. . . for some reason that third digit just scared the hell out of me and made my form and technique go out the window on every previous attempt. It still amazes me how much my state of mind can affect my lifting!

So I tried not to get my hopes up - I loaded on the extra measly 5 pounds and failed on my first attempt - I didn't even come close to completing my pull before I started dropping under the bar. I feel sure that Coach would have slapped me silly for that half-ass pull!

I dropped the weight back down to 95 lbs and again pulled it easily. . . so back up to 100 lbs I went - and snatched it on the 2nd attempt :)

To say that I was ecstatic to finally have reached this goal would be an understatement. I hopped around like a little kid on Christmas morning with a big 'ol grin on my face!

After a few minutes, I attempted 105 a few times and missed it each time - again, I wasn't completing my pull before begining to drop under the bar. At this point, my foot was starting to really throb, so I called it a night - but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll hit 105 on the next attempt. I'll be even better off when I can get back into my "magic shoes" (my VS Weightlifing shoes)!

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