Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working My Weaknesses. . .

THIS is what I felt like today when trying to deadlift a measly 195 lbs for 3 unbroken reps. . . .

I know that deadlifts are one of my weaknesses - In fact they are my weakest lift and when compared with my other numbers, my deadlift number is ridiculously low. I also know that I should work on the things that need improvement. . . but for some unknown reason. . .


I think part of it is the slam to my ego that I get every time that I do them in a group setting - watching other CrossFitters pick up considerably more than me and make it look easy is frustrating! Don't get me wrong - I love to see other people succeed (Really, I do!), it's just a bit disheartening to watch someone else do something so easily that I struggle with so much.

It's only common sense that I won't get better at something unless I practice it - but it's so hard to practice things that I'm bad at when working on things that I'm good at is so much more fulfilling!

The cold hard truth is that if I ever want to have a prayer of picking up more weight, I've got to start working on my DL form and technique - so I'll suck up the ego to make way for progress :)

Right now, I dedicate my Saturday's to "active rest" where I spend about an hour doing skill work on the areas that need improvement, like HSPU Progressions, Ring Dip Work, L-Sits, etc. Somehow I think adding deadlifts to that list would eliminate the "rest" part of the active rest though, so I will have to find another way (i.e. ask Coach Wilkes!) to work them into my programming more frequently. But I will get them in, and I will improve . . . time to STOP ignoring my biggest weakness just because I don't like working on it!


DLQ said...

Christie, I am so with you .......except I have SO many weaknesses it is just overwhelming to even think about which ones to work on. My upper body has always nbeen my weakness since as far back as I can remember...but rather than work confronting it I would just do leg work in the gym (until Molly and you came along)! So now just about every workout I watch you fling a 100+ pound bar over your head like it was a PVC and think "holy crap" that was cool!!!In looking at my workouts the only things I can RX are the lower body (no surprise to me) But I am getting stronger and actually have received some random compliments from strangers about my arms and each time I think "they couldn't be talking to me".
So thank you for being so inspiring....cause even when you think I am not paying attention i am watching in AWE!!!
So together we face nour weaknesses and stare them down and make them strengths (EVENTUALLY):-)

Christie said...

DLQ! (love that . . . took me a minute to figure it out. . . but I got it!)

Thanks so much for the encouraging words - I really do appreciate it so very much!

And girl - you inspire me every time I see you pick up some crazy amount of weight, and DL it like it's a feather pillow! I was SO happy for you this morning :)

Here's to working our weaknesses together, and making them strengths - I like that - Thank you!

(BTW - yes, they ARE talking about you - have you SEEN your arms lately? You should be rocking the tank tops 24/7!)