Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Victories are the BEST!

Little Victories - I'll Take 'em!!

I just had to share. I'm currently sitting on top of Cloud 9 as a result of a workout for the first time in a LONG TIME!

Tonight's WOD:

15 DB Split Cleans (Female RX 25 lb DBs)
21 Pullups


I know that I've done this WOD before, but I refuse to look at my previous time. I'm sure I finished much slower than before "It", but I'm only concerned with doing my best in the moment with what I've got to give right now.

Before the workout, I was just hoping to make it through the whole thing w/o having to go to a band. My pullup performance has decreased a lot recently and I've found that in workouts with more than about 50 pullups, I can only get about 1-2 in a row towards the end w/o having to fall off the bar in between. At that rate, I'd be better off using a band and stringing more together.

Tonight, I DID make it through the whole thing RX.

And the BEST part of it was that I was able to string between 5 - 8 pullups together all the way through the end of the workout! I never got less than 5 in a row - THAT is progress, and I'll take it. Official time was 21:16.

The Little Victories, after such a long time spent going down hill, feel pretty freakin good.


Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan said...

Hooray! That's kickass news, Christy. Congratulations!

Camilla said...

Way to go!