Saturday, January 01, 2011

My "Whole102" Starts Today!

The Whole30 Program, created by Whole9

That's Right! I'm officially re-starting today and making my intentions public. I'll be eating squeaky-clean-love-my-body-Whole-30-Compliant foods for the next 102 days. No, that's not a typo - that does indeed say One Hundred and Two!

My "Whole102" will run from today (January 1st) through April 12th. My Birthday is on April 13th, and I'm looking forward to celebrating this one feeling the healthiest that I've ever felt, both inside and out!

As I mentioned in the previous post - I will be keeping a Pictorial Food Log at, and will be posing snapshots of every single bite that goes into my mouth. There's a Link to my food log in the top right-hand corner of this page, so feel free to check it out if you're ever curious what I'm eating on a day-to-day basis while on the "Whole30". There are a few reasons for my decision to keep this pictorial food log on a separate site:
  • Perhaps the most obvious reason - it will help to keep me accountable
  • I find myself "grazing" a LOT lately with a little bite here or there in between meals. While those little bites may be Paleo Compliant, they still add up, and I need to get out of the habit of mindless grazing due to boredom or stress. Additionally, these "little bites" are usually carb-dense snacks (like lara bars or sweet potatoes or fruit) that I really don't need to be munching on mindlessly anyway! If I have to take a picture and upload it to my food log of every single one of these bites, I'm guessing that it will help me to be much more mindful of when I'm mindlessly grazing, and will reduce the frequency that I do it.
  • I'm want to give any "newbies" a glance inside the "real world" of Paleolithic eating so that they can see that it's REALLY not that hard! It's usually just meat, veggies, and fat thrown together in a stir-fry and tossed on a plate, or a salad, or something super easy and quick. I do get "fancy" every now and then to keep things interesting, but it's not necessary - hopefully by seeing the simplistic meals that I eat and enjoy "newbies" will be a little less hesitant to give it a try.
  • I'm pretty sure that my friends and family are getting a bit sick of seeing all of the food pics that I've been obsessively posting on Facebook lately! By maintaining a separate Pictorial Food Log, no one will have to be forced to view pictures of my food if they don't want to :) Only those people who actually want to see what I'm eating will click through to the link (Your Welcome Facebook Friends!! LOL)
I'm also very excited to be attending the Whole9's Foundations of Nutrition Workshop and Trainers Workshop January 8th & 9th in Houston!!! I'm sure I'll learn all kinds of great stuff and I can't wait.
So my blog posts in the upcoming days/weeks will most likely document some struggles as I work to lock up my sugar demons again, and also the small victories that I notice along my Whole102 journey. I'll still be posting Weightlifting and CrossFitting stuff of course, and any new recipes that I come up with as I'm "Playing with my Food"!

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Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan said...

Fantastic! 102 days is going to fly when you start feeling super-duper awesome-sauce. I'm starting to feel like my 70 is wimpy ;-)