Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tropical Sushi Rolls! (w/ Cauliflower Rice)

I think this is my first blog post in over a year! Life has just been sooo crazy, and I had to prioritize my "have to's" and my "want to's", and cut a few things out. . . 

Anyway, I recently created the most amazing Sushi using Cauliflower Rice, and it turned out so well that I just HAD to share :)

I have been craving the heck out of sushi lately, but have been feeling SO good following a 99.9% squeaky clean Paleo Diet that I just didn't want to cave and risk taking a few steps back on the health front to satisfy a craving. So I decided to get creative and try my hand at Sushi made w/ Cauliflower Rice. The idea popped into my head about a month or so ago when I made my first batch of Juli Bauer's Coconut Caulflower Rice (If you haven't checked out yet - do it now!)

Anyway, I made her version of Coconut Cauliflower Rice, and found that the texture reminded me a little bit of "sticky rice" - I think due to the use of a little raw honey. Sticky Rice made me think Sushi, and a month later I finally got to play with the idea!

You can use whatever fillings that you're in the mood for - I chose to use Sashimi Grade Wild Tuna, Avocado, Pineapple, and a little bit of Spicy Paleo Mayo. I know . . most people will see the pineapple and go eeewwww. . but I had some leftover Grilled Pineapple from another recipe of Juli's that I made earlier in the week - and I saw it in the fridge as I was grabbing the ingredients to assemble my rolls, and thought - "Why Not?" - I love sweet and spicy stuff, and the sweetness of the pineapple w/ the spiciness of the mayo really made my taste buds sing!