Monday, December 31, 2012

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 0


 Well - I'm back. . again. . . at least for 30 days!

You see, I've decided to do another Whole30, and I realized looking back that I've never really chronicled any of the Whole30s that I've done in the past, so after a while my memory gets a little foggy, and I forget about all of the little milestones and feelings of accomplishment that are experienced along the way - and that's really the best part of a Whole30 - at least for me! So I decided that this time around, I'm going to do 1 blog entry every day. Most will just be very short and will simply summarize my feelings, cravings, thoughts, and experiences as I move through my Whole30 Journey.

For my Day 0 Entry, I thought I'd lay out why I'm doing another Whole30, what my goals are for the next 30 days, and what benefits I hope to see by the end of it.

Why am I doing the Whole30?
  • I'd rather ride my bike pain free than eat cookies and cakes 
    • I'm hoping that my knee pain will go away after I cut out all of the gluten & processed foods again
  • I went a little "off the rails" during the holidays, and I feel SO much better in general when eating "Paleo", so I'm pressing the reset button
  • I'd like to become fat-adapted again before the start of the race season, so now is the time to make it happen
  • I've had great success with the Whole30 Program multiple times in the past - I KNOW it works :)
Goals for my Whole30:
  • Log every bite that I eat in my pictoral food log
    • Will help with accountability and 
    • Will make me think twice about whether I'm satisfying a craving or eating b/c I'm actually hungry
    • May help others see that this is really very doable and/or provide meal ideas for other
  • Comply 100% with the Whole30 guidelines (Including staying off the scale!!)
  • No SWYPO Snacks. For me, this means not even the 100% Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Squares
  • Help provide support for my group of friends who are also doing a January Whole30
  • Completely Lay off any exercises that could aggravate my knee for at least the next two weeks
    • Giving my body time to heal/recover is just as important as putting it through rigorous training, and I have to remind myself of this (regularly!)
Benefits that I hope to see at the end:
  • Knee Pain Gone or significantly diminished
  • More consistent energy levels (no afternoon crashes)
  • Reduced or Eliminated Sugar Cravings
  • Fully Fat Adapted (hopefully eliminating the need to "carbo-load")
  • Clearer Skin
  • Get back to my "fighting weight" - just lean out a bit to improve my performance on the bike


Lauren said...

Stumbled across you post about edamame,which was great, then saw that you are doing the Whole30. I started it, on the first as well. I will be following your blog!

Christie said...

Awesome Lauren! Yeah, I still remember how pissed I was about that edamame when I realized I'd eaten something off-plan when I was trying SO hard to follow it perfectly. .

Good Luck to you in your Whole30 as well - I can't wait to hear your success story too at the end of the month :)