Monday, January 14, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Days 7 - 12

I have been absolutely horrible about updating my blog daily. . .so here's a quick post with my meals Days 7 - 12.

Quick Summary - I finally "turned the corner" on Day 9, and my energy levels started to pick back up. I'm not quite feeling the magic yet, but I do feel a million times better than I did Days 1 - 5!

I'm really struggling with snacking . . . I'm snacking on healthy stuff - mainly spinach muffins, pickled okra, and a few raw almonds, but it is still snacking and I need to get a handle on it. One thing that I've found is that having bite-sized fruit (like cherries) in the house is a BAD idea. . . I usually won't break down and eat an entire apple or orange in between meals, but somehow grabbing a handful of cherries is much more tempting.

Still no news yet on the MRI - I've started PT though, and am sticking to my Foam Rolling / Icing / Liniment routine.

I did get back on my bike today for the first time in 2.5 weeks, and it was AMAZING!!! I missed it so much. I can't even put into words how great it felt to get back out on it :)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 6

As you'll see if you read my Day 5 post, I'm entering my Day 6 Diary Entry a little bit late - toward the end of Day 7.

Just a quick summary: Because I laid around so much on Saturday, I had a hard time actually falling asleep on Saturday night (duh!). I got caught up in a book, and ended up reading until about 12:30 am. . then proceeded to sleep until 10:30am on Sunday. And I don't think I actually rolled out of bed until close to 11. . . BUT it went uphill from there!

I fixed myself breakfast, mapped out my meals for the week, and then took the dogs for a walk (since that's about the only exercise that I can do right now other then swimming, and the Aquatics center was closed all weekend for a swim meet). It was actually a really pretty day on Sunday, so the 2.5 mile walk felt great, and gave me the chance to soak up a little bit of sunshine, which brightened my mood considerably.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon doing laundry and prepping food for the week (chopping up all my veggies, making spinach muffins, hard boiling eggs, and making a few "grab and go" lunches).

I felt much more accomplished by the end of the day on Sunday, and got to bed at a slightly more decent hour, although still not as early as I had hoped (10:30PM).

I snacked a bit more than usual again on Sunday, but not NEARLY as much as Saturday.

I think part of it has to do with it being the weekend, and the fact that I'm not rushing from one deadline to the next all day long - I'll have to be much more conscious of my snacking next weekend.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 5 - Snacky McSnackerson

Okay, Truth Time: I did NOT write a blog/diary entry at the end of day 5 . . or day 6. My energy levels hit the floor, and my brain decided it was going to go on holiday as well - seriously - I couldn't put together a coherent thought for the life of me on Saturday. The weather was cold and dreary and I had one of those "don't feel like doing ANYTHING . . can't make me!" kind of days.

On top of this, I'll be honest - I was a bit depressed over the weekend. Not clinically depressed, or hormonal raging thyroid-out-of-whack depressed, or #omgthrowherinastraightjacket depressed. . . . more like throwing myself a pity party depressed because I'm sick and tired of my freaking knee hurting. And I miss Cycling. And I miss Weightlifting. And I miss CrossFit. And I miss just being active in general! I fall into a "funk" really easily when I go too long without regular physical activity, and I haven't been able to do much of anything since my bike accident at the end of November. I'm rational enough to know that I've got a pretty amazing life - I've got an the world's best hubby, a supportive and loving family, two precious dogs, a wonderful job, and some really great friends. There are people out there battling cancer, serious auto-immune disorders, and all kinds of things that are SO MUCH WORSE than a silly bum knee. . . but even knowing all of this, I still threw myself that pity party - and it felt kind of good to get it out of my system. Don't get me wrong - I'm still pissed as hell that my knee is preventing me from doing so many of the things that I love to do - but I'm (trying to be) over the "poor-pitiful-me" feelings. There's nothing that I can do that I'm not already doing. . . Foam Rolling, Stretching, Ice, Ibuprofen, "Mountain Magic Liniment " (yes, I'm desperately trying anything and everything that might help), and above all else - REST. That's the hardest part. Not a single fiber of my Type A brain wants to rest right now. But I'm doing it. Because I know that it's what I need to do in order to heal. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't suck! So - because there is nothing more that I can do that I'm not already doing, I'm doing my best to be as content as possible, take the extra time on my hands to do some productive things :-)

Okay, Rant over.

So, on Saturday, I was low on energy, a bit on the "gloomy" side, and just generally in a funk. I stuck to my Whole30 guns 100% in regards to food quality, BUT looking back, I realize that I snacked a LOT more than I should have. I snacked initially out of hunger. . .then I snacked because I was sad. . . then I snacked because I was bored. . . then I snacked because I felt guilty about all of the snacking . . .( a bit counter-productive, don't ya think?). Now granted, all of my snacking was on "good" foods - leftover chicken livers, raw almonds, cherries, spinach muffins . . . but I was feeding my EMOTIONS rather than a true HUNGER, and that's one of the unhealthy habits that I'm hoping to break with this Whole30.

Sooo - I'm glad that I am able to recognize this snacking for what it was, and now I will try to be much more aware of how I'm feeling before I grab my next snack. Am I really hungry? Or am I just trying to feed my emotions?

Well, that about wraps up this Diary entry. I did get up Saturday morning and went to the Farmer's Market and the Grocery store, and I fixed Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner . . . but that is where my productivity ended for the day. Chalking it up to a bad day. . learning from my mistakes. . and moving on :-)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 4 - Still no energy

General Attitude/Mood:
I definitely woke up this morning feeling better than I felt yesterday - but I was still super low on energy all day long. I really didn't feel like swimming after work again, but the Aquatics Center is going to be closed all weekend, so I knew I had to suck it up. . . and I felt MUCH better once again after my swim :)

I'm still irritable/cranky/snappy but not quite as much as yesterday - I'm trying really, really hard not to be irritable w/ my hubby b/c it's certainly not his fault. .  . I'd say I'm having about 50% success with that. . .

By the end of the night (9pm), I was SO tired, that I skipped the diary entry, so I'm actually posting this retro-actively on Day 5.

I made a butternut squash Hash this morning w/ some onions and a little GF beef and topped it with two eggs fried in Ghee. . . this was SO yummy, and kept me full until lunch :)

I had a sports massage scheduled for 1pm to work on my IT bands/quads/hamstrings. . so I didn't end up eating lunch until about 2:30, and I was pretty freaking hungry by that time, but I ate a Premade Paleo Meal, and drank a couple of glasses of water, and I was once again feeling full and happy :)

I had a cup of bone broth after work because I was feeling chilly/achy/drained, and it really did the trick - it warmed me up and gave me a little energy boost.

After my swim, I was once again ravenous, so I ate a couple of Spinach Muffins while I was preparing dinner.

I found this recipe for pork chops that I thought I'd give a go last night, and it was TO DIE FOR! My (decidedly UN-Paleo Hubby) even liked it :)

Cravings and/or "Issues":
The cravings didn't seem as bad today, but I did still crave sugar after both lunch and dinner. It took less time for the cravings to pass today though, and the weren't as intense.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 3 - SO IRRITABLE!!!

General Attitude/Mood:

I guess that I posted a bit too early last night - my poor hubby! I got SO grumpy and irritable after dinner last night, it's not even funny. I ended up getting about 7.5 hours of sleep last night, but woke up again this morning feeling like I had only taken a brief nap. I had a headache all of last night, and this morning, and have had no energy all day today - BUT I soldiered through!

I snacked a bit more today (trying to eat my way to more energy?). For dinner, I made a butternut squash hash that was TO DIE FOR with ground beef, kale, and swiss chard. Thank goodness for starchy vegetables is all I've got to say . . . . I felt SO much less irritable and more "sane" almost immediately after eating dinner :)

A bit hungry all day long today (hence the extra snacking), but plenty of variety in my meals, and didn't feel "bored" with any of them. I felt so ridiculously much better after eating butternut squash with dinner tonight, I think I may try to work a few more startchy veggies into my earlier meals tomorrow, and stick to the leafy greens with dinner.

Cravings and/or "Issues":
I craved sugar ALL DAY LONG today!! OMG - it was so horrible. After lunch, I got THIS close to hoovering a Lara Bar just to shut up the voices in my head demanding sugar . . . but I drank a cup of water, took a few deep breaths, and filed it away as "craving" rather than "hunger".

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 2

General Attitude/Mood:
I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. I went to bed in plenty of time to get 9 hours of sleep, but I tossed and turned, and then ended up checking emails and facebook on my iPhone. . . . by the time I actually was able to fall asleep, it was 12:30, so I only ended up getting 6 hours of sleep last night.

I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept AT ALL! It took me a good hour (after breakfast and 2 cups of coffee) before I felt clear-headed.

Once I finally "woke up", I felt pretty good throughout the rest of the day, although a little bit low on energy around 3pm.

Work was pretty busy, and I was feeling a bit cold/achy around 11-ish, so I heated up a cup of bone broth. It was very soothing, and just what I needed to tide me over till lunch. Lunch and Dinner were  both yummy and filling, but I did find myself craving that "sweet something" for about 30 minutes after each meal. Thankfully, the cravings passed fairly quickly though.

Cravings and/or "Issues":
As mentioned above - I definitely craved the heck out of some sugar after both Lunch and Dinner. At first, I thought I was still hungry, but then realized that I was just really craving sugar. Once the craving passed, I realized that I was actually pretty full!

I only had 1 egg left this morning, so I improvised and ate leftover meatloaf and spinach muffins for breakfast (along w/ the 1 lonely egg). I missed my eggs though. I really love my morning eggs . . . will have to be more careful not to run out again!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Whole 30 Diary Entry: Day 1

General Attitude/Mood:
I woke up this morning feeling just a bit "foggy" due to last night's NYE festivities, and got a later start to the day than usual, however feel like my Day 1 went pretty well in general.

My energy levels were okay throughout the day, with a bit of an energy lull in the afternoon around 4pm.

I'm ending the day in a generally good mood and feeling optimistic about the 30 days in front of me.

Meal prep was no problem because I knocked out all of my shopping and "weekly prep work" over the weekend. Also, today was a holiday, so I didn't have to work, which of course made everything easier!

I felt like I had plenty of variety to my meals today - none of them were bland or boring, and I felt satiated after each meal (happy dance!)

Cravings and/or "Issues":
I did find myself craving sugar throughout the day, but the cravings weren't very strong or long-lived, and I was (pleasantly!) surprised to find that I really wasn't that hungry in between meals.