Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Whole 30 Diary Entry: Day 1

General Attitude/Mood:
I woke up this morning feeling just a bit "foggy" due to last night's NYE festivities, and got a later start to the day than usual, however feel like my Day 1 went pretty well in general.

My energy levels were okay throughout the day, with a bit of an energy lull in the afternoon around 4pm.

I'm ending the day in a generally good mood and feeling optimistic about the 30 days in front of me.

Meal prep was no problem because I knocked out all of my shopping and "weekly prep work" over the weekend. Also, today was a holiday, so I didn't have to work, which of course made everything easier!

I felt like I had plenty of variety to my meals today - none of them were bland or boring, and I felt satiated after each meal (happy dance!)

Cravings and/or "Issues":
I did find myself craving sugar throughout the day, but the cravings weren't very strong or long-lived, and I was (pleasantly!) surprised to find that I really wasn't that hungry in between meals.

I'm still unable to do much working out due to my shoulder injury and knee issues, but I did do my shoulder PT and a few floor bridges (hamstring strengthening exercises) . I also spent about 15 minutes rolling out my legs really good (quads, hamstrings, IT bands and calves), and stretching my hamstrings & quads.

Injury Update:
I iced my knees 2x today - unfortunately my left knee is still bugging me - really, really hoping that cutting the gluten out will help eliminate the knee issues I've been having.

My shoulder, on the other hand felt really great, and only got a little tweaky once as I was throwing Jake's toy for him :)

I didn't drink nearly enough water today - I need to work on making this more of a habit. I find that when I'm not exercising as much, I forget to drink throughout the day.

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