Friday, January 04, 2013

Whole30 Diary Entry: Day 4 - Still no energy

General Attitude/Mood:
I definitely woke up this morning feeling better than I felt yesterday - but I was still super low on energy all day long. I really didn't feel like swimming after work again, but the Aquatics Center is going to be closed all weekend, so I knew I had to suck it up. . . and I felt MUCH better once again after my swim :)

I'm still irritable/cranky/snappy but not quite as much as yesterday - I'm trying really, really hard not to be irritable w/ my hubby b/c it's certainly not his fault. .  . I'd say I'm having about 50% success with that. . .

By the end of the night (9pm), I was SO tired, that I skipped the diary entry, so I'm actually posting this retro-actively on Day 5.

I made a butternut squash Hash this morning w/ some onions and a little GF beef and topped it with two eggs fried in Ghee. . . this was SO yummy, and kept me full until lunch :)

I had a sports massage scheduled for 1pm to work on my IT bands/quads/hamstrings. . so I didn't end up eating lunch until about 2:30, and I was pretty freaking hungry by that time, but I ate a Premade Paleo Meal, and drank a couple of glasses of water, and I was once again feeling full and happy :)

I had a cup of bone broth after work because I was feeling chilly/achy/drained, and it really did the trick - it warmed me up and gave me a little energy boost.

After my swim, I was once again ravenous, so I ate a couple of Spinach Muffins while I was preparing dinner.

I found this recipe for pork chops that I thought I'd give a go last night, and it was TO DIE FOR! My (decidedly UN-Paleo Hubby) even liked it :)

Cravings and/or "Issues":
The cravings didn't seem as bad today, but I did still crave sugar after both lunch and dinner. It took less time for the cravings to pass today though, and the weren't as intense.

As I mentioned above, I did NOT feel like I had the energy to swim after work today, but I dragged my butt to the Aquatics center, and was so glad that I did after-the-fact. I felt about a million times better after 45 minutes of swimming.

Injury Update:
I had a sports massage scheduled today on my lunch break. I asked her to work on my IT bands, quads, hamstrings and glutes in hopes that it would loosen them up a little, work out some knots, and decrease the amount of "pull" on my kneecap (specifically left knee - the one that's been giving me hell). This was NOT a pleasant massage. . . but I can honestly say that my knee felt much more "solid" after it was over with!

I think I'll hold off until after my MRI, but do plan on scheduling another one. She was able to hit areas of my IT band that I just can't seem to get on my foam roller. I can only inflict so much pain on myself with that darn thing!

Didn't drink quite enough water today - will be more mindful of that tomorrow. Otherwise, I feel like I may be starting to turn the corner on the "carb-flu". . . only time will tell!

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