Thursday, February 06, 2014

Let's try this again. . .

Confession: I'm a horrible blogger. The frequency of my blog posts are sporadic at best, and when I do get around to typing up an update, it tends to turn into an epic novel. . . concise and to the point, I am not!

But. . . I really like to blog. While I find a hard time squeezing in the time to post consistently, I DO love to write and share my life experiences when I'm not being pulled in 10 other directions.

So I'm going to attempt to start blogging again on a semi-regular basis. A LOT has changed since I left off nearly a year ago, most notably the fact that I have transitioned the primary focus of my athletic endeavors from CrossFit & Olympic Lifting to . . . drum-roll please. .  . bicycle racing!

Yes, I know - you really can't go much further from one end of the athletic spectrum to the other. And I still LOVE CrossFit and Olympic Lifting, but I have truly found my passion in cycling. And racing my bike fulfills that adrenaline rush seeking part of me that I'm always trying to satisfy. And, let's face it, my genetic makeup and build aren't exactly "ideal" for CrossFit, but seem to be working out pretty well for me so far in the Cycling World! My only regret at this point is that I didn't find Cycling until my mid-30's. . . . but whatchagonnado? I've still got plenty of active years left, and I hope to be racing for many years to come!

One thing that hasn't changed is the way that I eat. I'm still sticking to Paleolithic Eating Principles in my day-to-day life, with a few "worth it" splurges from time to time. I still do a Whole 30 once or twice a year when I find that I'm splurging a bit too much, or find myself craving sugar like crazy. I keep my day-to-day meals pretty simple. Between work, training, & racing, I just don't have a lot of time available to cook elaborate meals, so I tend to lean toward simple combinations of grilled meat or ground beef cooked in a skillet, roasted or grilled veggies, and roasted squashes and sweet potatoes to provide the starchy carbs that are very much needed to refuel after my long and intense training sessions or races. I don't do Paleo "Treats" often because I just don't have the time, and to be honest, I'd much rather just splurge on the real thing once or twice a year and truly enjoy the experience, and then suffer the consequences!

So that's all I've got for now. In the upcoming posts, I plan to type up a Race Report from the Tour of New Braunfels Race Weekend, which was the start to my 2014 Race Season. I also plan to summarize my January Whole 30 - the challenges that I encountered and the benefits that resulted. I'll probably also discuss my training plan (or lack thereof) due to this battle w/ the flu that I'm currently fighting. I'm sure there will be talk of dogs, work, bike rides, and food as well!

Today's View From My Green Machine (actually taken last month as a cold front moved into S TX during one of my rides):

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