Thursday, October 01, 2015

Throwback Thursday

#TBT . . Ft. Hood Championship / TX State Road Race Edition

The picture above depicts 3 years of crossing the finish line at the grueling TX State RR Championships.

Each year's race has done more than just mark an end to that year's Road Racing Season. . . it has left me with a unique sense of accomplishment and taught me valuable lessons:

Year 1 (2012): 

  • Lesson Learned: If you want to be taken seriously as a bike racer, you might want to leave the sunshine yellow puppy dog jersey at home!
  • Sense of accomplishment: I am officially a Bike Racer!! (After completing my very first USAC Sanctioned Race)

Year 2 (2013): 

  • Lesson Learned: Sometimes a grueling race comes down to fractions of an inch & a bike throw. Keep your head in the game to the very end...
  • Sense of accomplishment: Won my very first sprint! (Sqeeeaaakkk!)

Year 3 (2015): 

  • Lesson Learned: Life Happens, and sometimes its necessary to take a bite of humble pie and adjust your goals to keep them within the realm of reality (And that's OKAY!) Give it everything you've got & leave it all out there, but be careful not to set yourself up for failure by attempting to give more than your body is capable of giving at that moment in time. Tomorrow is a new day. Meet today's goals, & then reevaluate & set new ones 
  • Sense of accomplishment: Succeeded in meeting REVISED goal of simply completing 66 mile State Championship RR 1 month out of a hospital bed.

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